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3ds Max: Macroscripts

LightCludor - - v1.0

A method to select vast amounts of geometry and quickly exclude/include them from a series of lights with ease.

Randomizor - - v1.0

Needs to cause some random variations across a selection of objects, need to rotate objects randomly in one axis but only in 30 degree increments, need to time offset an animation randomly, or stretch the animation randomly, then you should try RANDOMIZOR

TweenHelpor - - v1.0

Create a helper that will tween position + rotation between two targets, helpful for making something transition smoothly from being linked to one object to then linked to another. :)

Selector - - v1.1

Need to randomly select 50% of some objects, or perhaps you need to select random vertexs, edges, faces or elements of one Editable poly…. Then Selector is for you!

Twistor - - v1.0

Spawn Twisty bones with ease.

Keystonor - - v1.0

Ever have a scene with thousands of objects but you only need to select a few, or how bout want to look from a list of cameras at a moments notice? or look thru a few lights? try this.

GoUE4 - - v1.1.2

This tool is a quick and easy method to export geometry and animations from 3ds max to Unreal Engine 4 in a consistent naming fashion and export path.