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Embark on a Journey to strange and new places... and then promptly put MAGIC ARROWS in their faces.


What is AetherWatch?

a VR Archery game with Magic, Undead, Forts, Teleportation, Explosive Axes and more...


The Setting:

In a world where Magic and Industry once worked together… some massive cataclysm has torn the world apart.


You are summoned to help the survivors harvest the AETHER…. A billowing energy used to make everything from Arrows to Spells to Burritos… but ever since the cataclysm the only Aether resides deep beneath the cloud tops, in the dark and dangerous Low Lands.


So Pick up your Bow and Arrows to Defend yourself (and maybe some buddies) from the Hordes of the dead that flow forth thru crazy portals to NOWHERE GOOD



Ok… but whats the Gameplay?

Its like Nazi Zombies had a baby with Hawkeye, which then that abomination had a baby with an Aetherpunk (aka Magic SteamPunk combonation) … and then it experimented with VR in college … and voila!!



Survive waves of the Dead

Portals will tear open and the undead will flow forth, keep them off the fort walls, and close those portals.

Repair the Fort

Keep the defences up, by running around all willy nilly and using your Aether to regen anything that has been broken.

Harvest the Aether!

The enemy will try to destroy the extractor, protect it at all costs. Cuz once it goes you go too. .. also you make Gold every minute the extractor is alive


Use Your Gold

  • upgrade your Bow, Arrows and Equipment
  • purchase New Bows, Armor
  • purchase spells to bind to Arrows
  • Purchase traps

Meta Game

Keep stuff from one mission to the next, and decide where and when to attack on the meta map.

Build Your Own Fort

Use your gold and aether to construct your own fort, purchase and place defenses.



Defend your Fort!!

As you gain enough aether the enemy will try to take it from you. Invite your friends to help defend your fort, or help them defend theirs.

Play with Eachother

Play with up to 3 other players on various missions, but... maybe that wont be the player limit ;)

Collect Bounties

Get a Bonus for completing random mid game challenges

Developed in Unreal Engine 4, for HTC Vive


Only you can make the undead fully dead.


So Whats MY Stuff?

-- Shaft Slinger --

Most people refer to them as "BOWS", but this aint your grand dads bow, this is an Aether Bow! These babies come equipped with Trajectory casting for those hard to hit spots, and they also have our custom Aether Gems system... allowing you to bind awesome spells to your arrows. [ARROWS SOLD SEPARATLY]

-- Pointy Sticks --

These stabby stab devices are great for killing things that should already be dead. Utilizing our patent pending arrow docking technology you can use these in conjunction with our AetherBow to throw them really really far and FAST.

-- Boom Blades --

Featuring the newest addition to our campaign "Make The Dead Dead Again" we have these new hand held explosives. Toss them into a group of the Undead and shoot it and we promise you wont be dissapointed. [Warning: we arent responsible for damage brought on by bone shrapnel]



More Weapons to come!!! ... Help me Kick start the Kickstarter.


So What Are Those Thingys?


The Threat:

So for some reason, the Undead are determined to harvest the Aether for themselves, and destroy all that dare to mess with their plans…. Course this is all speculative… I mean honestly they could just be looking for Burritos too.




So somehow the Undead have developed some kind of teleportation via these Obelisks, and they pop them open all across the Low Lands when ever they detect one of our Aether Extractors. Luckily we can destroy these Obelisks with a few well placed explosive arrows or bouncy bombs :)



The Undead Minions:

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These slow foot dragging paper weights are no match for our superior arrow technology, get an arrow to the head and these bag of bones will drop like….ugh... A bag of bones…

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This spry bastard can bypass most obstructions and will just go straight after your Aether storage, put a few arrows in him or at least set em on fire…. I do love the smell of the burning dead in the evening… or whatever time it is…

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Now this anti social bow weilding prick will shoot at you or any obstruction to the undead if they come in range. Pick them off quickly, as they can do a lot of damage if left alive… or dead… you know what i mean.

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So these overcompensating jackasses are all about showing how buff they are by pulling rocks out of the ground and throwing them at you or any obstructions. Luckily you can shoot this muscle powered projectile out of the air to safe its intended target.


Okay so why do I need a Kickstarter?


cuz so far im a one man development team who already has a demanding full time job, which means i can only put in (At most) 12 hrs a week into this game. Everything you see here is all I got done since the beginning of April.


With the funds raised from this kickstarter I could purchase audio packs, purchase professional content, contract people to help me develop the game, and if i raise enough i could simply quit my job and work full time on this.


Imagine What I Could do working FullTime!


So whats the Future Goals?

I have a lot of ideas of where I want to take this game, some are pretty solid, some are fuzzy. but realistically while making a game there are countless times when something completely off the wall makes it into the game and is too damn fun to remove. (EXPLOSIVE AXES) So im trying to say that I want this game to be an open and endlessly expanding game, once i accomplish a major update i wanna open up a survey and find what all the users want me to work on next... be it a goal target i had listed before or not.


I wanna list off what I am planning on investing time and energy to atleast testing.... but lets start with the solid stuff I feel SHOULD POSITIVELY BE IN THE GAME.

Different Game modes
  • Aim Challenges
  • CaptureTheBallz
  • Sieges
  • Find the Burritos
  • Boss Battles
  • Endless Survival
Tons of stuff to get
  • Tons of Bows
  • Tons of Spells
  • Tons of Equipment
  • Tons of Abilites
  • Tons of Traps
  • Tons of Deployables
  • Steam integration
  • Competions
  • PvP
  • PvEvP
  • Guilds
  • Territory Wars
MetaGame 2.0
  • Meta Map 3D
  • Narator/Mentor
  • Story
  • Factions
  • Other races than Undead
  • Ai Companions
  • Fully Voiced Characters


Help me... Help you... Shoot the Undead